H2CO Pour Homme and H2CO Pour Femme are complementary fragrances, they succeed one another,
just like the two winds they’re named after…
It simply happened, who knows when, where or how?
As we all know, love transcends dimensions of time and space.

Eternal Love Story

Breva is the story of summer walks among the flowering gardens of the villas on the Lake: an encapsulation of scents overlapped by one another, emerging in tones each time different, as if the fragrance of one flower dissolved into the next one.

Tivano, a morning soothing breeze descends from the north, from the mountains in Valtellina and his joyful nature portends fair weather. He never misses an appointment, nor does his punctuality disappoint. He always appears in the early morning at six.
He spends his time awakening the lakeside villages and gently pushing the valiant fishermen boats which salute the dawn, to then whisper to passers-by how beautiful it is to have breakfast on the lake shores while one’s image is reflected into such magical waters.

He is in fact waiting with trepidation for his love, Breva, a whimsical wind which blows from the south and moves upstream pervading everything she encounters and spreading out on the surface of the lake.
Breva is however a belated bride, she shows up around noon when Tivano has exhausted his energy and is ready to lie down only to reappear the following day.

Then..right there, just in the middle of the lake, where the two branches meet, they graze in a fleeting moment..almost without ever touching, loving in that transient moment that separates the instant from eternity.

Brava, not gratified by that brief encounter, caresses the lovers’ kisses on the lakeside at dusk and smiles at the mischievous glances of those who contemplate the water in search for their lost loves.
Once captured the last rays of light, she abandons the lake waiting to return the next day. Always warm and on time but endlessly late for her beloved Tivano.